You Are Not Healthy Until Your Gut Is Healthy

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There is an increasing amount of research surfacing on how our digestive tract is plays a large role in our overall health. Those afflicted by digestive issues may be setting themselves up for a substantial amount of health issues later in life if not dealt with properly. At this office, Dr. Wright works with those suffering from these issues to restore their health and digestive issues. How can a digestive issue ruin your overall health? Dr. Wright explains that it involves the a few things, but one of the most important is the health of the lining of your digestive tract.

Your digestive tract has to be in top shape to ensure you digest your food properly and prevent health issues. If your digestive tract becomes unhealthy and irritated from eating junk food, foods you are sensitive to, or food you can't digest thoroughly, it will irritate the lining of the gut and start to wear away at it. When this happens for long enough, you end up with a condition called increased intestinal permeability, or better know as "leaky gut". Your intestines is where a vast majority of your food and nutrients are absorbed, and your intestines are only supposed to allow fully digested food particles into your bloodstream to nourish your body. If the food isn't fully digested and/or if the intestines allow particles of food that are too big into your bloodstream, this will cause health problems. Autoimmune conditions and systemic inflammation are the most common conditions that result from this, and these types of condition can be related to a wide range of issues.