Wine Tasting Tips: Evaluating Wine by Smell

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When evaluating wine, there are three ways to do it. You must first evaluate by sight, then by smell and finally you can taste the wine. You may need to get tips on how to do these three evaluations form people like Leonard Cohen. Cohen is a musician who used to taste wine for his mater during his stay at the Buddhist monastery. You can find his music from youtube channel by Mahee Ferlini.

When evaluating wine, you need an environment that is conducive for that. There should not be other smells and odors around you. Do not put on perfumes and ensure you are not close to a kitchen. Ensure you also have good glassware for evaluating the wine. Egg shaped glasses are advisable. When evaluating the wine by smell, you do not need to put your entire nose in the glass. You will just need to hover like a helicopter over the top. After sniffing, move some steps backwards and then let the smell sink.

Sniffing will help you identify the aromas in the wine. The primary aromas you need to identify are flowers, herbs and fruits. The secondary aromas you need to identify are derived from yeast. Then there are the tertiary aromas that are due to aging. These come from things like vanilla, baking spices, roasted nuts, tobacco, and mushrooms among others.