Why Women Face Hair Loss Issues?

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Feeling stressed and sometimes trauma is something women feel more than men. This in turn is known to lead to hair loss more in women than men. First and foremost, hair loss is considered to be a natural phenomenon however, this problem is mainly seen in women. So, women should follow these reasons behind their hair loss.

  1. Due to Stress – As mentioned earlier, a lot of stress is experienced by women which leads to hair loss. Stress is known to cause changes in the growth cycle of hair making it more-weaker.
  2. Due to Genetics – When it comes to genetics, it is something that is out of our hands. Genetics especially in women causes imbalance to their hormones, testosterone changes into dihydrotestosterone (DHT) which ultimately leads to hair become weak and then fall off. It is important to understand and accept the role of the genes in our bodies.
  3. Due to Medical Reasons –Taking pills on birth controls, blood pressure, etc. can lead to hair loss in women.
  4. Due to Bad Eating – Diet plays an important role in the hair especially on women. Therefore, make sure good combination of protein and vegetables are added in your diet.
  5. Due to Age – Hair follicles start to deteriorate as we grow older. This problem is seen more in women where age starts becoming a factor. Similar to genetics, this is another factor one needs to accept in life.

A great way to fight off this problem is by getting organic keratin treatment at home.