Why There Is Need Of Entertainment?

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Any event is incomplete without some entertainment whether it is dance performance or fun activity. Entertainment has many measurements and may be personal/private or even more public and general forms of amusement.  You can Amaze your guests with highly skilled and tightly choreographed fire shows.

This situation has been shifting with tv programs increasing audience involvement from the program nevertheless interaction patterns involving entertainers and audiences in almost any public amusement situation stay within strict limitations and bounds.

Entertainment takes us into another universe and feeds our need for a dream and an escape from real life. Movies and theater transposes us into a world of dream and catches our attention so that we stay engrossed as almost part of an alternate reality.

In Traditional Fire Shows it is usual for performers to wear Polynesian style costumes. Standard Modern Style involves elaborate make up and scanty costumes. Fire Theater is often part of a large stage show such as a rock concert.

Fire Fetish shows are extremely provocative with costumes designed to enhance this effect.These shows are also performed for an audience.

Fire Shows include arousing movement, music and very brief costumes. Often a solo dancer performs for a couple. Ritual Fire shows bring occult elements to the performance. The idea is to highlight and strengthen the ritual.