Why GMO Test Is Predisposed

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Modern GMO research has shown that this genetically modified  products are not safe for everyone. One of its earlier GMO soybeans, which had genes in the Brazil nut inserted into its DNA, had proven itself allergenic to a lot of people who had never previously exhibited any allergic reactions to soybeans.

More recent findings onto a newer number genetically modified for its herbicide-resistant properties (trademarked as Roundup Ready by the biotech company ) have uncovered even bigger side effects.

These include recorded liver damage and potential, infant mortality and sterility, as well as studies wherein the herbicide from the noodle killed human kidney, umbilical and placental cells with 24 hours and cancer. If you are facing the same problem then you can file a  roundup cancer lawsuits.

Adding to the significant lapse in GMO ethics as demonstrated from the disregard for these independent test results, a recent expose from Japanese researchers have revealed clearly anomalous processes and misrepresented data in a GMO test utilized before the launch of Roundup Ready GE Soy. Several irregularities were noted, such as:

  • Not having the analyzed soybeans sprayed with the Herbicide Roundup during farming – the key raison d'etre of the new variety
  • Providing E. coli protein for analysis Rather than Roundup Ready soybeans for both amino acid sequencing and toxicity tests
  • Intentional misrepresentation of evaluation results by the Monsanto company as found by the Japanese scientists

Aside From these types of anomalies and rigorously unscientific approach to the Procedures (as observed from the foreign researchers ), the biotech firm Compounded by its unabashed use of clout in demanding this authorities Lower its criteria for approving the GE soy, a clear demonstration of Its lack of regard for the welfare of its consumers, something farmers and consumers all around the world has to be made aware of, also addressed.