Why Do People Use Black And Blue Pen?

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The two most popular pens are black and blue. But if you're a student or business professional, the question of whether to use black pen or blue pen has been raised. 

Some teachers and professors will only accept assignments that are done using one of these color pens and some employers are selective when it comes to ink colors for pens. People can use rustic, unique, gorgeous pens in the world.

black and blue pen

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Those who advocate the use of black pens argue that black is a more formal and elegant color. Other ink colors such as blue are regarded as too casual to your office or college. 

Some teachers prefer that students write in black ink so the red or blue ink they use to grade them will stand out.

Blue pens also have a particularly strong appeal for those writing on yellow-colored paper. Black ink tends to blend in with a yellow background but blue ink stands out.

So the questions stand, are blue ink pens better or black ink pens? On one side of the argument you have the majority of the population that used black pens. And on the other side group of supporters who are trying to change the black ink trend.