Which Rooting Hormones To Use In Marijuana?

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Utilizing a variety of ingredients, root gels and powders are used to support the hormones responsible for root growth. There are various brands and application options. In our experience, the best products vary from type to type – we've tried many trials without conclusive results.

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Fortunately, most hormonal cannabis products are cheaper. While their effectiveness can be controversial, you can apply them to your clones for a few bucks – some users even use multiple products in one clone to take advantage of performance and gel applications.

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The cannabis clone cut is submerged underwater

There is a concern that an incision in the plant will allow oxygen to enter the vascular system of the plant, which could prevent moisture absorption.

To solve this problem, you can submerge your clone underwater for a second cut. This creates a brief seal against oxygen as you complete the rest of the cloning process.

Weather permitting or circumstances require, cutting your clone at an angle of 45 degrees underwater will not damage the clone and may increase your clone's survival rate. In our experience, the rates for the letters are high enough not to warrant this additional step.