What Some Baby Boomers Need For Personal Care

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When it is time to find a place to spend rest of your life after retirement, many baby boomers may find themselves in need of staying in one of the many available senior assisted living facilities.

These are a relatively new type of senior living residence where the people who live there do not need 24 hour a day nursing care. Assisted living facilities are more along the lines of a plea where the seniors can get a little bit of help, but not a lot of help. To know more about the facilities provided by the senior living homes you can head to http://www.bellewood.com/ for senior housing Bellevue.

Occasionally, all someone needs to have them through the day is a little bit of help in the morning getting dressed. Or maybe some extra help in cleaning the apartment or making some meals.

But not the sort of care that comes with surviving in a nursing home that is having skilled nursing facilities. These kinds of places are in which the personnel is on duty on a regular basis and skilled nurses or doctors are always available. It can be kind of like a hospital, only that the people live there, rather than recover there from a major accident or illness.

There are also senior living facilities where no care is needed in any way for the residents and these are more like residential developments where all the homes are owned by people who find themselves fifty-five and more.