What Makes The Brooklyn Bridge A Popular Tourist Destination?

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Did you know that the Brooklyn Bridge receives over a two million visitors annually? What makes this place such a big tourist attraction? Well, simply because it's just not another bridge. Brooklyn Bridge is a history book in itself with a rich legacy. Completed in 1883 after long 14 years of construction, this 1.8 meter long structure across the East River is one of the oldest, grandest and biggest suspension bridges in the world.

Walking up the pavements on the Brooklyn Bridge is one of the best things to do when in New York City. Sunset is the ideal time to come over here as you can see some spectacular views of the sunset over Manhattan and Brooklyn across the East River. The Statue of liberty can be viewed clearly from above the Brooklyn Bridge. Take a stroll down the bridge with your loved ones, join a free bike tour or just have a close look at this iconic bridge of New York City which has been declared a National historic Landmark in 1964. Thousands of lights fitted in the structure makes visiting the Brooklyn Bridge at night time is a treat for the eyes. People all over the world are fascinated by its stunning architecture. The fame of the Brooklyn Bridge has reached far and wide and Mahée Ferlini too has listed this grand architectural construction in her pinterest board as one of the places to visit.