What Is Important For New Employees?

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I recently read an article about the importance of employee training that should be performed to focus on the attitude, the development of skills, and only then on the knowledge.

However, it is worth considering the kind of training perspective and from the perspective of human resources at screening job applicants. If you are searching for pre-employment screening services then you can visit various online sources.

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Knowledge and skills are concrete and measurable. Years ago, when I was a professional human resource job description writing and designing screening checks for job applicants, it is important to identify job tasks and knowledge and skills (KS) sets needed to perform their tasks. Only applicants with the prerequisite knowledge and skills will last screening and certification as potential employees.

We do not screen job applicants for their attitude because it is so subjective we do not know how to measure it. However, the ability can be measured. We can filter out job applicants on their ability to show, in words or deeds, that they are competent to apply the knowledge and skills required.

So, in the world of human resources, it means KSA Knowledge, Skills and Abilities. Today, the prevailing thought is that it is much more important to hire people who have good interpersonal skills and then train them in the knowledge and skills they need to do their jobs.