What Factors Determine the Quality of Your Bath Towel?

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To imagine life without a bath towel is impossible. After getting out of a warm bath your hand immediately searches to grab your towel to wipe yourself. A high-quality luxury bath towel is usually treated after a shower. So have you ever think of the factors that determine the quality of your towel? As you read further you will find the answer to this question.

A bath cloth is usually classified according to its size as a washcloth, hand towel, bath mats, and bath sheets. In addition to this categorization, towels can also be classified according to their density as light, medium, heavy and very heavy towels. A bath should be hydrophilic fabric, ultra thin & super absorbent with minimum dimension variation.

• Hydrophilicity or quality of water absorption is the most important factor that determines the quality of your bath towels. Towels need to have a high absorption capacity.

• The degree of softness must be high because it comes in contact with your body during daily use.

• You should be able to dry towels sooner. This is important because if your bath towel dries quickly it will have a minimal chance of saving the fungus and therefore any kind of nasty smells.

• High-Quality towels are hypoallergenic. This means that it should not cause any kind of irritation or infection on your skin when you use it. They should be made of antibacterial and antifungal fibers.