What are the Best Benefits of Bamboo Pillows

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Usually when you buy a new pillow, you don't generally assume that they can come with any other benefit besides being comfortable under your neck and head at night. Most memory foam pillows will fulfill this need, but don't really offer anything else to recommend them.

You will find that is not the case when you invest in a bamboo pillow. The foam filling of the pillow, whether it is shredded or a solid foam, is not necessarily what makes a bamboo pillow so special. It is normally the casing that the pillow is housed in that makes all of the difference and provides the extra benefits you don't get with other ordinary pillows.

Bamboo fabric is known for it's natural ability to repel things like germs and dust mites. This is a huge bonus for those that have sensitive airways and allergies. The bamboo material is also naturally cooler than many other fabrics like plain cotton. If you sweat at night, or just prefer that your pillow stay cool and comfortable, then bamboo is a great choice for you as well.

I found this page at http://bedspace.net/ and was amazed at all of the things I did not know about bamboo and how it is made into not only pillows, but many other bedding items too. Before now I had never really heard much about bamboo fabric, but apparently it has become a very popular choice.