Wet Bags – A Necessity If You Use Cloth Diapers

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Cloth diapers are definitely making a revival. Many parents choose to use cloth diapers for their newborn. There are several reasons for this. One of these reasons is for comfort because the fabric feels much better on the skin of your baby and save them from synthetic chemicals, which also reduces the chance of diaper rash.

Another reason is the environment since you are able to continue to reuse. Because you can reuse them, it helps to save money as well. For keeping the cloth nappies, you can buy small waterproof wet bags online from Waladi as they provide fantastic products and customer service.

If you make cloth diapers, you will need a solution when you are traveling. If you had disposable diapers, then you should just be able to throw the dirty diaper into the trash. But with cloth diapers, you want to be able to bring them home to wash. There are two options for this: the disposable bags and a regular small waterproof wet bag.

Disposable wet bags can certainly work well because they are like a mini trash bag that you can link the dirty cloth diapers to take home. This creates a lot of waste and you have to keep buying them. The best option would be to buy a wet bag that you can reuse. The good thing about these wet bags, in addition to being on the verge of re-use, is that you can get one that is a bit more elegant than a blue or clear plastic bag. It also helps to keep the dirty layer out of sight if you get a bag that is not transparent.