Vasectomy Treatment & Best Care In Austin

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The man sterilization procedure is known as vasectomy and can be equal to tubal ligation in the female. It is regarded as one of the most reliable procedures of contraceptives and requires only a minor operation. The disadvantage is that it is typically irreversible.

Tubal ligation, the female equivalent to vasectomy, is an activity at which the fallopian tubes have been either cut or sealed away so that the eggs cannot reach the womb, hence preventing pregnancy. You can go for infertility treatment in Austin according to your family requirements. 


This, too, is meant to cause permanent inability to become pregnant and may therefore be carefully thought about before moving ahead. A vasectomy may be carried out in a doctor's surgery as it's done under a localized anesthetic. 

The endings are then folded back and tied using a non-dissolving material like silk. This process is performed on both sides and just takes about 30 minutes. The wound generally requires a few days to fix as well as the stitches will be subsequently taken out. 

It might be slightly sore when the anesthetic wears off however it is quite normal. It might be advisable to prevent physical get a touch until the stitches are removed as they are often quite debilitating.

Normally, a specimen of semen has been tested at eight and twelve weeks following the vasectomy to determine whether it is safe to have unprotected physical activity. Various other forms of contraception should be utilized to prevent undesirable pregnancy during the time which the sperm are still present.