Two Highly Effective Exercises For Abs

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If you are planning to develop your abs and you think that by purchasing some latest equipment you will be able to achieve your goal then you are wrong. There are many exercises that you can do without use of any equipment and still get effective results. And if you want to get a flat stomach then you need to combine the exercises for abs with cardio activities like walking or running for an hour daily.

Listed below are some workouts that you should follow if you are looking for exercises for abs:

1. Standing push-up: This can be done in front of a wall or against a tree. Now you should touch the wall with your hands on the shoulder and contract your abs and hold them while exercising. Now inhale slowly and lean your chest towards the wall. And when your nose is few inches away from the wall, start exhaling and push away till you reach your original position. Do this for 15 times. This will help in strengthening your muscles.

2. Standing side crunches: Stand by bending your knees slightly, form soft fist and bend your elbow. Now take a deep breath by bringing your fists together at center of your chest. Lower your right rib towards your right hip bone and squeeze your abs. Now inhale and start to exhale to the left. You should do this for 1 to 2 minutes.