Top Two Impressive Executive-Style Pens

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A pen says a lot about a businessperson. For instance, when signing important contract clients are more likely to be impressed with executive-style pens than standard pens which start a professional relationship with the client.

However, no executive pens are equal in the eyes of clients and potential customers. While Moonman fountain pens have made incredible progress over the years because of new hard-plastic designs and high-tech features available. You can find the unique moonman fountain pen in India.

Opus 88 fountain pen

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The traditional material is still more highly valued in the realm of executive-style writing utensils. Moonman fountain pens have easier access and are more high-tech, the aesthetic appeal of cap and twist-top pens represent the executive look. 

Certain executive-style pens are seen as more professional based on quality features and elegant designs. Below are the most favorable pens in terms of quality aesthetics and impressive features.

Wooden Pen

Wooden twist top and cap pens stand out as some of the nicest writing utensils available. Particularly twist top pens have huge appeal because of their one-piece convenience and smooth twist-top action. Of course, wooden pens range in price but are considerably less expensive than some other metal or even gold-based pens.

Moonman Pen

Moonman pens are considered high end and have a multitude of design options. Unlike wooden pens may have rubber grips and other contemporary designs. Moonman pens are custom printed logos or engraved logos that serve as a stunning backdrop.