Top Maintenance Tips And Tricks For CNG Cars

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Some maintenance tips and tricks for your CNG cars must be followed to increase the life of the engine.

  • Get the kit installed by professionals:  If you are going to install the kit from CNG Specialist, then don’t forget to check the reviews of CNG Fitment center Chandigarh before actually making a decision. Sometimes, not all vehicles are compatible with CNG, so it is suggested to get advice from the professionals before installing it.
  • Renew the CNG compliance plate after every three years: This tip is recommended keeping in mind not only the legal purpose but from the personal safety point of view as well. There areseveral components used in the CNG kit installation, so you must get them serviced periodically and check the RPM of your car engine.
  • Check CNG tank periodically: The CNG tank is a vital component in the CNG system that stores high-pressure gas and protects fuel from getting leaked due to jolts and vibrations. Inspect tank for any visible damages like dent or bulge. If there is any leak in the system, contact the CNG service center and stop your car for a while.
  • Replace spark plugs every 12000 km or one year. You can get the new spark plug from CNG fitment center Chandigarh.
  • Always start your car with petrol and switch to CNG while driving. We know that no lubrication is available in the gas chamber when CNG introduced in the chamber, so there are high chances of wear and tear of the engine. It is, therefore, best to start the car with petrol.