Top 3 Reasons Why Tableau Is Better Than MS Excel for Creating Dashboards

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MS Excel was a typical tool used by the majority of organizations all around the world to make dashboards.

From the present condition of the business, Tableau has proven to be the favored selection for dashboards and information visualization activities to substitute the MS Excel’s capabilities. Let’s explore some explanations for this change in choice.

  1. Computed Fields – A very fundamental quality that the instrument provides us is that it permits the end-users to make custom fields on the fly to be able to ease the mandatory values in a brand new column aside from the present information in the source documents.
  2. Dynamic Dashboards – Tableau enables the end-users to make dynamic dashboards. This usually means that the last dashboards respond to specific filters which could be placed on the last dashboard.

This permits the end-client to check their information at several levels from the 1 dashboard. Because dashboards and visualizations refresh in real-time, it certainly makes it a worthy option.  You can get more information about tableau consultant via

  1. Connects to multiple information sources – Tableau is a really robust tool in regards to linking to information sources. It can connect to a number of information sources such as SQL databases, Excel files, delimited text files etc.

Not just that, it could get these resources simultaneously and also create combined tables from the tables as essential for the end-user. This is an ability that’s an enormous step ahead of whatever MS Excel provides end-user.