Tips on Tasting Wine Aroma Vs Wine Bouquet

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Wine Aroma and Wine Bouquet are not scientific terms but these are terms that help you to classify the origin of smell coming from the wine. In simpler terms, wine aroma is the smell coming from the varieties of grapes used and wine bouquet is the aroma that originates from the winemaking process such as ageing and fermentation. These are some basic information between the two.

  • Wine Aromas –Also known as Primary Aromas, wine aromas are the smell offered by the type of grape used when making a wine. The aromas are usually in the form of fruit, herb and flower smells coming just from the grape. For example –Cabernet Sauvignon wine is known to offer aromas of violet, green peppercorns and raspberry. All the aromas come from a chemical compound during different stages of wine making.
  • Wine Bouquets – Classified into Fermentation and Aging.
  1. Fermentation – Also known as Secondary aromas, the fermentation process involves the sugars of grape turning into alcohol with the help of yeast called Saccharomyces Cerevisiae. The fermentation process creates a group of bouquets called secondary aromas. These are a few bouquets involved with fermentation process – beer, brewer’s yeast, butter, buttermilk, yoghurt etc.
  2. Aging – Also known as Tertiary Aromas, ageing process involves addition of elements that change the aromas of the wine after the fermentation process. The most common element added is oxygen that produces aromas bouquets such as of hazelnut and roasted peanut. Another popular element used is oak. Oak barrels slowly introduce oxygen along with aromatic compounds found the oak itself.

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