Tips For Finding The Best Accommodation In Rome

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For anyone who is planning a Rome vacation, you might be overwhelmed by the options for lodging in Rome… high-class hotels, budget hotels, apartment rentals and much more.

Wondering…. How much will be the cost for Rome lodging? Which area will be suitable for stay? Let me help you narrow down your choices so that you can find the best accommodation Rome Italy.

Types of Rome Accommodations

There are many places to stay choices including:

Luxury hotel in Rome Italy – A special occasion such as an anniversary might be a thrilling time to stay at a splendid Rome luxury hotel. To find luxury hotel at affordable prices, search for furnishedrentals.

Budget hotel Rome – You will find cheaper hotels in Rome but you will need to be flexible on location, features, decor, etc. The Termini station area has lower prices as a rule, but there are less expensive hotels scattered through the entire city.

Apartment Rentals in Rome – If you wish to "live like a local", a Rome vacation rental is a good choice. We rented an apartment in Rome on a single of our trips and really enjoyed it. This is also a great choice for families, couples traveling together or if you want to save money by cooking some of your own meals.

Here are ways to save money:

Avoid the tourist or high season. During, April – July and September- October, hotel rates are highest. Because weather is best during this time, you need to weigh these factors into your final decision.

Location of your accommodation will probably affect prices. Hotels in middle Rome are expensive.