Tips for Avoiding driver fatigue

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Sleeping is an essential part of our daily routine and counts on our behavior for the rest of the day. Sleep deprivation can turn dangerous, especially in driver cases, which will harm them and others.  Fatigue is not just a long-distance thing but also affects shorter distances. The ones can already be tired before driving, or the long journey can make the tires. In this article, we will discuss beating fatigue. This article will know in detail about the symptoms of fatigue and how to stop it.

  • Make sure to get a good sleep before the night of a long trip. Make sure not to travel more than 8-10 hrs a day, depending upon your capacity. For more efficiency, go for a driver fatigue management course.
  • Drinking is a big no before driving, and avoid traveling during your sleeping times. In case you feel drowsy, go for 15 minutes of the power nap. Some of the signs of fatigue include yawning, daydreaming, impatience, and stiffness. One may have sore eyes, or their driving speeds get up or down.
  • You may not remember the past kilometers or respond slowly to things. One may also miss traffic signs during fatigue. Try taking proper breaks during driving to freshen up yourselves or, if possible, go with the option of share drivers.


Drowsy driving contributes approx 16-20% of road accidents leading to spot deaths.  Seventeen hours of awakeness can result in the same level of impairment as caused by alcohol. So make sure you don't meet fatigue during driving.