Things You Must Consider Before Selecting A Solar Water Heater

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It is of great importance to evaluate, determine, estimate, and investigate solar hot water systems before purchasing. Determining the correct system size suitable for the household can save you from buying the inappropriate size by considering the number of people who will be using the hot water and the frequency of the use. Also, building codes and regulations should be considered, probably building permit to install a solar energy system might be needed.

Evaluating the sitting of solar water heater is also important in the selection. Orientation and tilt of the collector affect solar heating system performance. The system uses both direct and diffuse solar radiation, hence its effectiveness even in cold areas. Usually, the orientation in northern hemisphere is true south. Roof angle and roof orientation are also considered in selecting a solar hot water heater. Also to be considered is maintenance and repair cost which should be affordable by the buyer.

Solar hot water systems are a long term savings due to its original high expense and installation hence estimating the cost and energy efficiency is fundamental during selection.  The cost of conventional fuel and cost of fuel used in the backup water system should be put into consideration, not forgetting available financing and incentives. In determining energy efficiency of a solar water heater, solar energy factor and solar fraction is used; the higher the number the higher the efficiency. The range of solar energy factor is from 1-11 with the most common being 2 or 3. Hire a hot water systems Ipswich expert and let him solve your all problems relating to water systems.