Things to Check When Booking a Wedding Banquet Hall

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What are the Details to be Checked at the Time of Booking a Wedding Banquet Hall?

Wedding banquet halls tend to have different features and as such it will be necessary to select one after analyzing all the features so that you book a hall which meets your requirements. Our aim here will be to delve into few of the important points that you need to keep note of while selecting a banquet hall.

Tips for Choosing a Banquet Hall

Seating Arrangement

wedding banquet hallsFew of the questions you need to find an answer for with respect to seating arrangement include:
  • How many tables, chairs as well as linens are being provided by wedding banquet halls in lieu of the rental for their banquet halls?
  • Will the tables be of a required size and what is the number of people who will be able to sit?
  • Is the wedding banquet hall ready to provide special tables and chairs if you are not happy with the present ones?

Dance Floor

If there are plans of having a dance during the wedding then it will be necessary to inquire whether there is a dance floor at the banquet hall. During your search for wedding banquet halls, you will find halls that are just carpeted while there will be other halls that boast of excellent dance floors.
Even after you find a hall having a dance floor, you will have to inquire whether it would be necessary to rent the same separately or the price would be included in the rent for the banquet hall. This way it will become easier to calculate the total expenditure that is to be made.

Availability of Attendant

Ideally, the banquet hall you book should have an attendant who will have the responsibility of taking care of all activities occurring at the time of the wedding. 
You should also have clear information about how the attendant will be handling issues that surface during the wedding such as blown fuses as well as changes in heating or lighting systems.

Decoration and Open Flames

At the time of booking the banquet hall, you will have to inquire whether there are any restrictions with regards to usage of candles and open flames. 
Additionally, you will find wedding banquet halls that would be putting restrictions on the amount as well as the type of decoration that can be used at the venue. As for instance, many halls may not allow usage of staples and push pins for decoration purpose.
Moreover, it will be a wise decision to share your decoration plans with the banquet hall so that you are aware of what all will be permitted and you do not have to face last minute surprises. 

Policy Regarding Beverages

Another thing you need to check will be related to restrictions banquet hall has with respect to consumption of wine (like red wine). So, you will have to inquire about the same before booking the hall.

The Bottom Line

To conclude we will say that there are many different things that you will have to look into to find the right banquet hall that meets your requirements.