The Benefits of Glass Smoking Pipe

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You are thinking about buying a smoking pipe but you are torn between choosing a glass type and the metal one. You don’t really know which one to choose although your gut is saying that you should go for the glass type. After all, there are some benefits and also downsides of such smoking pipe.


The Advantages

One of the biggest advantages of the glass pipe is the fact that it doesn’t heat up fast like the metal type. Moreover, here are the other advantages of the pipe:

  • The glass pipe is easy, simple, and also convenient to use. The fact that it doesn’t heat up fast also adds the convenient factor.
  • The glass pipe is somewhat beautiful and artistic. Some of them may come with a slight hue and variants of colors, making them appealing and collectibles worthy.
  • The smoke produced inside the glass pipe is somewhat tastier and better. It is always nice to see the smoke filling up the chamber before you inhale it.
  • The glass pipe has a certain unique character. The older it gets, the more appealing it will be. If you have been using the glass for quite a while, it appears on the smokier look. The change of color is subtle and yet it adds characters to the glass.


The Flaws

Despite all the good stuff you can expect from a glass pipe, there are also some flaws that you should consider.

  • First of all, glass is prone to break. When you break it or drop it, the glass can be dangerous for you. Cleaning tiny sharp objects has never been nice or fun.
  • The price of the glass pipe is more expensive than the metal or the wooden pipe. If you are low on cash, this may not be the best option for you.
  • In case a part is broken, it can’t be replaced – you will have to buy a totally new one.