Step-By-Step Guide to Activate Windows 8.1

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After I share how to use KMS activation for Windows 10, here I will share to you how to do the Windows 8.1 activation permanently.

Using this way to activate Windows 8.1 and it can be done to any Windows 8.1 editions, you could issue a Pro, Enterprise, Home, etc and I can guaranteed that this way can help you to activate Windows 8.1 permanently. This is certainly good news for Windows 8.1 users.

activate Windows 8

This way have I practice it myself and the results are indeed very promising. Here is the proven step-by-step way to activate Windows 8 or 8.1 all editions:

1. Download Software – Windows 8.1 Permanent Activator

How to activate Windows 8.1? The first step of course is to download a Windows permanent activator. There are many available activators like the well-known kmspico, kmsauto lite, re-loader, etc. Its size is also not too big, all can be downloaded online. But, despite the small size of those tools usually get flagged by antivirus since those are cracking tools. So, always disable the antivirus and Windows defender when downloading and using those tools.

2. Install and Open the software

After successfully downloaded the activator, extract the file using WinRAR or Winzip. Then there will be several files i.e. depending on the tool that you had downloaded. For some tools, you may need to install it before you can use it.

Just double-click on the .exe file and you will be able to install and run the software. For example, the kmspico and Microsoft toolkit need to be install before you can use it.

3. Windows 8.1 Activation

Well, this is the critical stage. Usually the activator will automatically detect the version of Windows as well as MS Office that installed on your computer. For kmspico, just click on the red button to activate the OS. The process will run at the background.

4. Restart the computer

After the completion of the activation process, usually Windows 8.1 software will show the activation status and you need to restart the PC. Restart and the activation was completed.

5. Check Activation

We will check whether Windows 8.1 we have activated or not. Do I press the Windows key + X on the keyboard and then select Command Prompt (Admin). After the open cmd window, type the command "slmgr/xpr" (without the quotation marks) and then enter. Wait a second and you will see that the Windows 8.1 had activated permanently.

That's how Windows 8.1 activation permanently. If you are still confused, you guys could ask directly to me via the comments below as well as visit my blog.