Stages Of Stomach Cancer

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Cancer is known as the irregular development of cells. At the time when it happens in the tummy then it is referred to as the stomach or gastric cancer and is categorized by the expansion of some cancer units inside the stomach. One thing that is important to get known with is that it has a direct impact closer to the lymph nodes.

Before moving towards the types of stomach cancer we have another name of this that is also recognized as glandular tissue cancer. describes the various stages of cancer in the upcoming sections that occur in the stomach along with their functioning. Let us discuss them one by one.

Stages of Stomach Cancer

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Stage 0:

This is the early phase of the stomach cancer that has not grown-up further than the internal level of the cells that coating the stomach. This stage of cancer does not harm the lymph nodes.

Phase 1A:

Phase 1A stage of cancer is also identified as Carcinoma in Situ. These types of cancer swelled under the apex layer of cells present in the mucosa, and even also into the tissues that are lying down. It also does not spread to the lymph nodes.

Phase 1B:

This cancer stretched into the layer of connective tissues i.e., lamina propria and also into the bottom of a thin cover of muscle. However, this cancer influenced one to two lymph nodes closer to the stomach.

Phase 11A:

At this level of cancer it has a bad effect on three to six 3-6 local lymph nodes but the one most important that is in favor that it is unable to reach any remote organ.