Specialist Access and Engineering Services

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In order to ensure that your employees are kept safe at all times, it is necessary to hire a qualified specialist access team to inspect and assess the area. Access teams are also required to refurbish or repair hard to reach areas. This article takes a look at some of the most common specialist access services, and it also provides some top tips on how to select a qualified specialist access team in your area.

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Compliance and Safety Assessments

Specialist access teams will be able to inspect the area and advise you if any safety features need to be installed according to the current rules and regulations. Compliance assessments will let you know potential problems or safety risks in the area, while also providing you with a detailed costed proposition to fix them.

Specialist Access Engineering Jobs

A team of specialists access will be able to design and install the system access to create even the most complex or remote building or construction site is accessed.

Repairs and Improvements

Repairs and improvements can be made in areas that require special access, like a lighthouse, exterior tall buildings and skyscrapers, and industrial buildings, including a chimney. They also have access to limited areas, such as shafts, chimneys inside, silos, lift shaft and ship holds. Repairs will be carried out by a team of people who were able to glide down the building or set up scaffolding to access certain areas.