Smoking Vs Drinking – Which Is Worse?

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Cigarette manufacturers have now come up with a healthier alternative for smokers. Though the looks of this cigarette are no different from the traditional tobacco cigarette, the two function in a very different manner as detailed on the Gaelyn website. For one, no tobacco is burned in the electronic cigarette.

Each time that you inhale from this cigarette you are actually activating a flow sensor that releases smoke like water vapor. This vapor contains propylene glycol, nicotine, and a certain scent that replicates the true tobacco flavor that smokers have now become addicted to. This means that even with the electronic cigarettes that are available online, you will enjoy the same fix that you derive from tobacco cigarettes.

The only difference is that this time you have nothing to worry about getting any tobacco related illnesses such as cancer and lung diseases.

In the electronic cigarette, there are no hydrocarbons, glue, tar, or the other a million and one toxins that are found in tobacco cigarettes. This makes this the healthiest cigarette that has ever come into being. This gives you every reason to switch from the traditional cigarette because you have nothing to lose but have so much that you cannot afford to lose.