Sleeping Disorders – Learn To Recognize The Signs

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Sleeping disorder is a common problem of our society and most of the scientists admitted openly that they found it difficult to determine the signs of sleeping disorder. Proper eight hour sleep is necessary for every individual. In the phase of sleeping, human body & mind gets to rest, resuscitate and prepare for the next busy day. Statistics shows that over 30 percent of people in United States suffer from some form of sleeping disorder.

The most common sleeping disorder is insomnia and it is characterized by the body's habitual incompetence to fall or stay asleep for long periods of time. Most of the people have a misconception that insomnia is a disease however it is just a symptom. Do you know why most people get insomniac nowadays?

Today most people are living a stressful life in which they do not have enough time to spend with their family and having bad eating habits (like consuming so much caffeine in a day). 

There are so many supplements available that claims they are effective on sleeping disorders. Modafinil was commonly used to treat sleeping disorders and narcolepsy. You can go through modafinil research report to see how it works. This drug acts as stimulant that raises dopamine levels in the brain. But researchers are not sure why this happens exactly.