Simple Ideas to Protect Polar Bear

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Sea Ice is Polar Bears lifeline. Without it, they can't live and feed. Every year polar bear waiting for the sea ice but it gets delayed every time. 

As global warming raises the Sea Ice has become decreased day by day. There are some organizations who are working to protect polar bears. You can visit for the polar bear conservation.

By taking simple actions we could diminish the Global Warming impact and reduce the Sea Ice damage.

  • Switch thermostat down by 1 or 2 levels.
  • Increase AC temperature by 1 or 2 levels.
  • Close curtains in summer to reduce solar heating.
  • Open curtains in winter to boost solar heating.
  • Unplug apparatus when not used.
  • Select most inexpensive configurations on appliances.
  • Seal home from holes and cracks.
  • Insulate home. Power rescue 1200.
  • Invest in a real-time energy information screen.

A variety of studies have proved that if homeowners have access to real-time energy information nearly all them start to create energy savings. This can enable home energy users to make decisions of where and how they could spend less. By using less power they are liable for significantly fewer carbon emissions. When we lose them we lost everything. After a certain stage, we won't have the ability to return them.