Sending Flowers To Your Loved Ones

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Dried flowers are becoming one of the most sought after interior trends today! They fill our instant shows like nothing else! We’re starting to see this trend from dried blossoms to wedding flowers, through pampas grass and dried greens vines into large arches and bridal bouquets. However, this trend has spread completely in our homes and in our gift bouquets!

There is so much variety when it comes to dried flowers, you can look at the varieties of dry flowers via an online portal like I’ve worked with more natural elements, but dried flowers can be painted in any colour! I want to share with you some of the dried bouquets I currently have for purchase on today’s blog!

Dry wreath

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I made a mixed bouquet of dried flowers including beautiful items. From left to right we have an Honesty, a beautiful see-through stem that initially turns green to dry beside this stunning pearl flower. It can look stunning when used with the right flower combination and at weddings! Then we have the pampas grass which you will see everywhere! Put alone or with our dry wine in a vase here. This really can be a flower statement!

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Then we have rabbit tails, this is the sweetest grass and I also sell them in the form of individual grapes! This silky, blonde, textured grass is reminiscent of a rabbit’s tail … hence the name! Again, they look great in wedding flowers, adding texture to bouquets and buttonholes. I finally have Ruskus on my desktop. Bleached to get a stunning pure white, and overall, you can agree that the combination looks really good!