Semi-Hermetic compressor: Why They’re Ideal for Refrigeration

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With so much new technologies going into the area of engineering since the turn of this century, it is among the simplest products that continue to be the most popular option.

Working in a similar way to this motor in your car, semi-hermetic compressors offers many advantages for refrigerating and air cooling systems which make it unbeatable for this purpose. For more information about semi-hermetic compressors then you can browse

First manufactured from the late 1940s and with a layout which has only changed greatly through the substances used to make it, the semi-hermetic compressor has established itself as an industry standard in the area of pipes and for good reason.


With a wide range of compressors currently existing in the technology world, one common method to distinguish them is by the manner by which they are designed.

The term hermetic is derived from the word hermit, meaning to be isolated from the external world and likewise, hermetic means to be tightly sealed.

Hermetic seals in technology conditions hence refer to air pollutants used to keep a closed system of performance.

A hermetic compressor, by definition, is when the main compressor and the engine are both sealed within the outer casing so that they can operate in an isolated environment. Therefore, this term is used to categorize compressors into three distinct types:

  • Hermetic
  • Semi-hermetic
  • Open