Reduce Your Risk of Lung Cancer With Easy Home Radon Testing

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You already know about the dangers of deadly carbon monoxide. You might have probably seen the sad stories on the reports about entire families that went to sleep at night and never woke up because of carbon dioxide poisoning from a faulty furnace.

You may also have a detector or maybe more in your house. But how much do you know about radon, another silent killer? Just how much of the highly harmful gas is within your house and how is it affecting the health of your family?

Like dangerous carbon monoxide, radon is a colorless, odorless gas in charge of too many deaths each year, deaths that may easily be prevented. Based on the Environmental Protection Agency, studies have been done showing defined proof of a hyperlink between radon in homes and lung cancer. You must know the radon testing price range to hire the ebst radon test company. 

 In fact, as the number-one cause of lung tumor among non-smokers, radon is in charge of more than 20, 000 deaths every yr. That's more than quantity of deaths attributed to driving under the influence, and almost 3, 000 of the people deaths happen to people who have never smoked.

Unlike co2, you are not able to monitor the level of radon at home by adhering a detector on the wall and changing the batteries each year. The only way to know how much radon is at home is to have a radon test.