Quantitative Research and Surveys

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You probably have the notion that you are up to a very difficult task when you are made to conduct a quantitative research. Well, in a sense, you can really be. Essentially, quantitative research deals with factors or subjects measurable by systematic methods that commonly include statistics and hypotheses.

Often, they are used to determine the relationships between factors or subjects in the form of tests and empirical observations. To know how quantitative research helpful in your business strategies then you can check it out this reference: http://humanstartups.com/.

Guess you have just two facets whose relationship with each other you desire to examine and even quantify.  Because it’s normal in the majority of qualitative research, the areas whose relationship that you need to examine will be inclined to be subjective concepts-like happiness, devotion and maybe even violence.  They attest in some specific scenarios or as responses in the select few men and women.


The first way under qualitative research would be always to gather your sample along with the particular pair of subjects that you would like to examine.  As an instance, you would like to try employee devotion and its relationship to communicating.  To carry out this research, you want to ascertain a representative sample pair of employees.  You can also incorporate most of the employees within a whole firm.

Next, you may need to set them under study and also collect data from their store.  Many times, polls which are already pre determined and are situated in a certain pair of frame are traditionally used.  You’d administer the questionnaire one of your sample and then rely on the outcome based on their own replies.

Whenever you’ve got the outcome, you’d subject these to statistical investigation and also from that point you’d ascertain the partnership of those 2 facets you’re quantifying.  Suppose you’ve learned that the vast majority of the employees that have replied your poll has rated the communicating inside their company since above average, and it has suggested that they’re efficiently devoted with their own work.  With all that data, it’d be subsequently  secure to predict that the tendency of devotion rising is connected into this gratification with the communication aspect.

However, you should always remember that your results would only hold true in your sample. But it may not be true for other samples of the same type. Empirical data stays to its manifestation would only be proven by a specific study in real time. Therefore, you need to know how to describe your results in that it would only be distinct for your sample and not as a generalization for an entire whole.