Property Lawyer VS Conveyancer The Differences

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Buying or selling a property is not a smooth ride. It requires a lot of paper work related to the property, meaning you need a guide to take care of all the work. Choosing between a property lawyer and a conveyancer can be confusing. Both are credible enough to get the job done in the right possible manner. If you’re confused and can’t yet decide as to which one to choose, then these are some differences between them.

  • Legal Issues –Any legal issue is hard to tackle and overtime it gets messy and complicated. During such an event, hiring a lawyer is the best way to go. Not only are they credible to tackle any kind of issue, they are also your guide. Whereas, a conveyancer isn’t qualified enough to tackle such issues. In fact, a conveyancer may ask you to look for a lawyer who can help you in the right way.
  • Type of Legal Issue – The world of law is broad and confusing. For instance – if you need divorce from your partner, you call a divorce lawyer. A conveyancer’s job is to simply help in transferring the property from one party to the other. And this why, lawyers play a larger role.
  • Legislation – Every law changes over the course of time. And that is why lawyers need to keep themselves updated with the introduction of a new law. While a conveyancer doesn’t need to this.
  • Cost – There’s a fixed conveyancing fee involved between a lawyer and conveyancer. A conveyancer’s fee is cheaper however, their work is also limited. Whereas, a lawyer’s fee can change based on the complexity of a legal matter and also provide you advice at the same time.

So, when you have a property involved for buying or selling, then hiring a property lawyer is a better choice.