Preparing Your Home for Your Baby

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The drive home from the hospital is one of the most cautious things that you'll ever do, as will be the first nappy change, the first bath and the first change of clothes. Your new baby will feel delicate and fragile, and you'll go out of your way to ensure that your every move is gentle, censored and careful. For more informati on home birth, you can get through our website at

Although your actions seem to be under watch from the minute your little one is placed into your arms, you probably didn't notice the change in your behaviour just days before your bundle of joy was expected. Nesting, which occurs a few days before the little one is due, is all part of a new mother's natural response to the birth of her child.



You'll find yourself fiddling and fixing, straightening out toys and items in your new-born's room and refolding their already perfectly folded clothes – this is all part of the wonderful journey towards parenthood. However, have you thought about the disinfection and sanitisation of your home?

Quick and simple to complete, why not rope in your loved ones for a day of 'baby prep' where you can offer up delicious treats and great conversation whilst you prepare your home? Here are a handful of cleaning tips and tricks on how to disinfect and sanitise your household before the big arrival.