Phenolic Ducting for Residential and Commercial Buildings

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A residential or a commercial construction is not complete without great insulating material. Air ducts are a few of the most crucial systems in a building, and if they’re poorly sealed or insulated they could lead to high electricity bills.

 Phenolic air ducting

There are different ducts of PVC ducts, aluminum ducts etc. are available. Phenolic air ducts come with aluminum foils are of high durability and require phenolic foam as the primary substance for strengthening the aluminum of either side. It’s a type of non-flammable substance which produces no toxic smoke or gas when exposed to flame. 

Features and Advantages 

Phenolic air ducts have the following advantages in comparison with other standard brands available on the market.

  1.  Low density – moderate weight 
  2. Low heat conductivity – high thermal efficiency 
  3. Foamed using CFC free substance – ecological friendly 
  4. Corrosion protective, cleanliness and magnificent Look 
  5. Flermetic seal – small air leakage

Inspecting the ducts for air leaks – appear for advantages which need to be joined but have disjointed then hunt for holes. Duct mastic is the perfect material for sealing ductwork seams and joints.

Employ an experienced professional to fix or install them. Professionals have the expertise and the ideal tools to perform the job correctly.

Make sure a well-sealed vapor wall is present on the other hand (External) of the heating ducts to discourage moisture condensation. 

Traditionally, the air ducts were produced from a metal that was set up and then wrapped with insulation material. Nowadays, manufacturers like to fabricate the steel ducts using their ducts wrapping so the panels could be set up in easy single measures.