Panic Treatments: What You Need To Know

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While most episodes of panic attack is relatively harmless, some attacks can be fatal if combined with complications or other situations. This attack is very dangerous for those who have diagnosed heart conditions such as long QT syndrome and CPVT.  You can click here if you are looking for Los Altos therapist.

Most people with physician advice from an anxiety attack to breathe into a paper bag for a rebuild, normal breathing pattern. Short-term treatment is recommended when they are experiencing it is truly undergoing hyperventilation.

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In hyperventilation, the rapid exhalation of the person causing severe decrease in carbon dioxide levels in the body, increasing blood pH level. This causes a narrowing of blood vessels supplying the brain, starving the brain of oxygen. 

However, if a panic attack sufferers do not really undergoing hyperventilation, breathing into a paper bag can worsen this condition as a fatal oxygen levels can lower the body and increase the level of carbon dioxide in his blood stream. Ironically, the high levels of carbon dioxide have been found to be a major cause of panic attacks.

Of course, using a paper bag of tricks is not the only treatment available to patients. In fact, researchers and scientists have made great strides in the development of more effective treatment of panic and more durable.

Psychotherapy is widely believed and agreed to be the best treatment for panic attacks; with medication only considered as a second option for treatment in cases where a patient is resistant to treatment psychotherapy.

Cognitive behavioral treatment and behavioral activation are two psychotherapy treatments that have proven effective in treating the disorder. A patient experiencing panic attacks can be treated using desensitization techniques. In this type of treatment, the patient gradually and repeatedly exposed to situations or stimuli that cause them to have panic attacks.

Patients are helped by group therapy and counseling sessions to admit that they are afraid of losing control or death is absurd, and that there is exactly nothing to fear from the situation that caused them to have panic attacks in the first place.