Ongoing Beauty Of Polished Concrete In Mornington Peninsula

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Most people think of concrete as the gray thing you see in parking lots that have been built up by buildings. However, chances are that you have climbed the floor and admired the beauty because you thought it was marble or granite because of the high level of reflections and the beautiful color scheme. But this floor isn't granite or marble, it's concrete!

Yes, over the last twenty years the art of polishing concrete and adding color and pattern has evolved so significantly that many architects are specifying polished concrete reality for new buildings. It is used wherever there are multiple steps, such as shopping malls, rail hangers, and even airports because it is nearly indestructible if preserved with a sealant.

Diamond-polished concrete floors can be polished to the desired gloss level, including highly reflective and high-gloss surfaces. In fact, this is one of the reasons it was mentioned because it is possible to reduce the amount of artificial lighting that should be required in a building.

Diamond polished concrete floors are achieved by first pouring the concrete and then covering it with a temporary layer until it is possible to install. This process takes at least 28 days but can take longer in cooler weather.

Then the polishing process can begin and the initial grinding phase typically uses a 6 to 150 grit metal bond tool. Diamond grinding tools are usually consistent when it comes to diamond grit and polishing pad.