New Method To Reduce Pain For Amateur Cyclists

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A new method that aligns riders with their bikes to lessen pain could have societal and recreational cyclists sitting up right in their own saddles.

Former professional cyclist Kevin McIntosh, who helped develop the program, said he'd seen “90 per cent’’ of social cyclists were not really attuned to their bikes.

They determined to combine their professional expertise to create Cyclelogical with all the aim of decreasing the pain of cyclists when chiropractor Lund Sox approached the experienced head coach of Australian Paralympic teams.

Many cyclists have a “bike fit’’ to correct the saddle, pedals and handlebars with their body without ensuring their back is right, meaning the alterations are created into a twisted back.

The lack of symmetry between bike and body puts strain on muscles or joints, creating pain and reducing power.

Geoff Keen said Mr McIntosh explained that his lingering knee pain was brought on by his badly placed cleats – or clip-in pedals.

“A lot or riders put up with the tingling fingers, sore back, knees or neck and think that’s regular ,’’ he said. “As shortly as I had an alteration, I felt a lot more comfortable and now I recover quicker, too.

Mr Sox said when there’s no demand, many riders push through pain.

“It’s normally joints are stretched or compressed on a single side, which changes ’’ he said. “

Donna Olson, 41, said she'd tingling and headaches in her hands before the body-to-bike adjustment.

He adjusted me on the table to put neck, hips, shoulders and my leg span right and “Dr Sox came to my second bike appropriate and I hopped on the bike and they did the alteration. I’ve had no pain since, ’’ she said.

Triathlete and mum -of-two Geraldine Dixon, 47, said a realignment relieved her back pain and also the exhaustion officially felt after a 70-100km bike ride.

“Since the (alignment) I feel just as powerful at the conclusion of 100km as I did while I had been doing it,’ she said. “There was a considerable seat height adjustment and I’ve really noticed the power I’ve got today.

“ It’s so far more pleasing and there’s no feeling that I have to stay on the sofa all day to recuperate. I feel good but still can return from a ride.’’ More details on the subject can be found at health message boards