Make Your Instagram Face Filter Using Spark AR

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Creating your own filter can be complicated, but the difficulty depends on how elaborate your idea is. You can create your own Instagram face filters by using Spark AR that won’t require you to animate anything or spend hours on end trying to figure things out. To know how to create your own Instagram face filters you can check out the following blog.

The first, step is downloading Spark AR, when you download Spark AR, the first thing you'll see is a menu with preset projects such as a light steak, animated face mask, and floating particles. This will give you an idea. Of how many types of filters you can create but you'll also be able to play around with them until you've achieved something completely new and yours.

Instagram face filters reflect your brand’s tone, especially if that tone is fun or playful. They also often reflect the unique parts of your brand, helping you stand out from your competitors.

Steps :

  • Download and install the Spark AR application from the official website. Spark AR is available for both Mac and Windows users. 
  • When installed, the Spark AR application will present several options to choose like an animated face mask, light leak, and face zoom. 
  • This step-by-step tutorial will focus on creating a Face Distortion filter for Instagram. 
  • When you open the face distortion sample project is opened, you can get the various options to change effects like deformation or face distortion.
  • Export the sample effect by heading to the 'File' menu.