LED Flood Light Benefits

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The majority of traditional flood lights use HPS or MH as light sources. LED overflow lights use LED (light-emitting-diode) as light sources. From the semiconductor diode that produces light.

It contains strong state technology made in Silicon Valley using similar technologies that are being used in the latest microprocessors.

These types of solid state devices have no moving parts, no fragile glass environments, no mercury, no toxic vapors, and no filament. Presently there is nothing to break, break, shatter, leak or ruin. You can also Rental: light towers via various online resources.

Because technology improves, it is increasingly more popular in the light industry. Increasingly more lamps and fittings use LED as light resources, so do overflow lamps. Benefits are as pursuing:

  1. Energy Saving

The efficiency has ended 80lm/w (5000K). Evaluating with HPS lighting fixtures, it can save 50%-70% energy. It isn’t a tiny cost in a single year.

  1. Good Combo With Solar Kits

Due to low power ingestion, cost of solar sets is low. The price can be accepted by almost all of customers. The solar products will save your electricity cost.

  1. Eco-Friendly

LED flood signals do not contain UV, IR, Business lead or mercury. Besides, heat is less. HPS, MH or SV lights can’t be eco-friendly as LED bulbs.

  1. Full Selection of Color

Due to LED’ ability, lighting fixtures can be a full selection of color.