Is The 21 Day Fix Worth It

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Having tons of fitness programs our there online as well as at the gym centers, it has become really difficult to find out which one is worth spending time and money.  Let us take an example of a recently launched program by the BeachBod, 21 day fix exercises  and assess the real value of it.

The first and the foremost thing to look at this program is the trainer of this program. Is the trainer is someone you should be listening to? On YouTube, you will find tons of DVDs given by thousands of trainers that do not mean you are giving your time listening to anyone out there. The BeachBody has worked with the trainer on this program-"Autumn Calabrese". She is the professional trainer and got her certification from the National Academy of Sports and Medicine as well as American Fitness Professional & Associates.

She helps her clients to lose their weight effectively y and safe. In 21 Day Fix workout program, you will be working out for 9 hours. For hiring a personal trainer in gym, you would be spending $40/hour. Therefore, you will be spending $360 for 9 hours.

The other most important thing to look out in this program is whether this program contains anything else except the workout?  Autumn has created a system in which you will get food storage containers.  Each container is specific for particular food group.