How To Talk To Your Migraine Doctor?

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Many times a person will come to a migraine doctor's office, who seems confused as to what they are supposed to bring with them to the doctor's office and what is important and what isn't. I'd like to give you some tips, from the doctor's office point of view, as to what to expect and what the expectations are on you.

Most migraine doctors are neurologists who specialize in headache. 

Since this is the most common complaint in neurology, and the second most common in primary care (behind back pain), these doctors are really busy! The average physician in this position will see 30-35 patients per day, and about 25 are new consultations, which means more time. If the doctor supervises mid-level practitioners, like a nurse practitioner, he has to see their new patients too.

You can see how things get very, very busy and a doctor like this might get backed up. My point here is to try and be patient. If you are new to an office like this you should expect to spend a few hours in an office like this for your visit.

What You Should Bring With You?

There are some things you should bring with you on the first visit to a migraine doctor that will speed things along a bit.

Tip #1: Fill out all paperwork before the practitioner enters the room. This person will then review it with you.

Tip #2: Remember to include ALL medications, herbs and vitamins you are taking OR have previously tried for your headaches. Bring a list, with doses included.

Tip #3: Have you had an MRI or CT of the brain in the last 6 months? Even if the office didn't tell you to bring them bring them anyway. Most times the doctor does not know what the staff said on the phone to you and he/she will want to review the films.