How to Repair Your Inflatable Boat – Important Facts You Need to Know?

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Among the distinctive features of inflatable watercraft is they are still reparable when they support minor punctures. If you end up in these circumstances, there are alternatives that can be done you to ultimately mend it.

Inflatable boat repair is rather simple if you understand the materials your rig is constructed of if you have right tools readily available.

Ensure that you always have the next in your boat’s tool equipment which means you are equipped and ready anytime your inflate needs correcting: MEK or Methyl Ethyl Ketone (sold generally in most hardware stores), scissors and the right type of glue for your boat.

You can ask your boat’s maker for the sort of glue you need to use. In case you should not find MEK, massaging alcohol can do. If you are looking for quality boat repair long island services, then you are at the right place.

If the hull is constructed of unsupported PVC, follow these instructions to correct punctures and scrapes:

  1. Clean the puncture area with MEK or massaging alcohol.
  2. Use your scissors to trim a patch that overlaps the destroyed area for approximately half an in . on all sides.
  3. Apply a coating of glue to the punctured area and another covering to the simple area of your patch.
  4. Wait for five minutes before pressing down the patch. You might use a weight to press down the patch. Even better, you can clamp it down. Apply a tiny amount of glue to the factors of the patch.