How to Clean Your Canvas Porch Awning or Canopy

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Having been installed in the exterior part of the home, canvas porch awnings and canopies are usually subjected to varied weather elements like rain and intense heat. In addition to that, exposure to some other components like dust and bird droppings will more often cause some visible stains on the canvas fabric. If you are looking for commercial Awnings Services, then there are certain things which you need to keep in your mind.

How to Clean Your Canvas Porch Awning or Canopy

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The fantastic thing is that something could be done about this. While solutions for eternal durability of this material is quite impossible to reach, at least a much longer service lifespan of the awnings will be very much possible. One good method is to simply just wash the canvas cloth in a standard fashion and in the right manner.

Doing it might result in the quicker deterioration of the canvas material which may surprise you some way or another. In this vein, outlined below are some very easy tips relative to the appropriate awning and canopy cleaning:

1) Generally, awnings can be washed with plain water. More often than not, an excellent continuous splash out of your garden hose will do the job in eliminating that pesky dust that settled on your porch awning.

2) In many instances, there are some stains which can't be eliminated by plain water washing alone. Hence, using detergents to remove such stains may be necessary. But it must be said that mild detergents should only be utilized in washing your canvas awning.

3) Using brushes to clean the canvas porch awning materials may also be great besides using the normal soft sponges and soft fabrics like chamois and flannel. However, though, brushes with soft bristles must be utilized.