How the IB Curriculum Gets You Into College?

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Every year, we come across the newspapers that are filled with articles about the increasing competition to get admitted into college. The intense competition fills many students with anxiety and concern. Every child nowadays are doing their level best to get admitted to the University of their Choice?

You may wonder that certain children’s try to choose a course in high school that will help him out in their further studies too. Many students take Advanced Placement (AP) courses but fewer take the IB. You can hop over to for top boarding schools in your city.

The International Baccalaureate curriculum (or IB curriculum) provides a demanding, internationally recognized set of courses, exams and diplomas that prepares students for advanced study. Excelling in IB courses can not only get you admitted to college but many institutions will actually give you degree credit for your IB courses.

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What Does The IB Program Require of High School Students?

The International Baccalaureate is offered at certain levels of study by private as well as public schools around the world. High school students typically focus on the IB Diploma as it provides a broad education and preparation for university study. Students studying for the diploma must complete six courses and may choose from a selection of courses: English, a foreign language, mathematics and computer science, economics, history, theatre and the arts.