How Membership Cards Can Make Companies More Earth-Friendly

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Membership cards are very beneficial to both the merchant and the customer. Today you can find several membership cards and loyalty cards available in greener materials. These green cards make the company more earth friendly. It also improves the relationship between the merchant and the customer. The change-over to greener materials may be taken in small steps, eventually reaching the 100 % recyclable and eco-friendly presentation. This will take more time for some businesses than others. Puremetalcards offers different types of cards that fulfill the needs of customers.

Making Changes 

Membership cards come in a variety of eco-friendly levels. The most common placard sent to customers with little thought of the environment. These items are non-compostable and will sit in a landfill for years. They are made of little or no recycled material. Rather than using the regular type that is made of plastic with little or no earth-friendliness, eco-friendly companies can take baby steps toward greener placards. The items will still carry the same information, but they will not be around for quite so long.


Those with greener characteristics are digital or laser printing compatible. They are still convenient for the business to create and produce the membership card on-site, but are made of a larger percentage of recycled polyester material. A common amount is about 40 %. In other words, they are produced on thinner plastic material, which creates a smaller carbon footprint.


When given a choice, most consumers will opt for items made from an environmentally friendlier material; however, usability and durability are also important concepts.