How can I use hemp oil for ADHD?

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Since 2001 approximately 6.4 million children worldwide have been diagnosed with an Attention-Deficit Hyperactive Disorder, or simply known as ADHD. Symptoms such as a limited attention span, sleeping disorders, and tantrums cause a social disturbance especially for children diagnosed. As of today there is no cure for ADHD yet many treatments are available for patients. For people without health care and in need of a treatment for themselves or for their children, Hemp Oil is a natural treatment you can buy locally or online, Hemp Oil for ADHD is a new montage developed by the pro-hemp seed oil movement.

Hemp Oil contains a high level of Essential Fatty Acids, such as Omega-3, that your body needs to produce hormones. The brain is founded by these Essential Fatty Acids, or EFA's; therefore, if one had a deficiency in EFA's it would increase the chance of a condition in the brain such as ADHD. Although there is no exact cause of ADHD one common factor is a chemical imbalance in the brain. The imbalance happens when a shift in the brain occurs in the Neurotransmitters. A person who suffers from ADHD has a shortage of neurotransmitters which delays or fails to send chemical messages. The high level of EFA's in hemp oil help to rebuild and maintain these EFA's and reduce the symptoms.

One neurotransmitter that affects people diagnosed with ADHD is serotonin. Serotonin is responsible for mood regulations such as depression and anxiety. Depression and anxiety are big aspects of ADHD in the form of tantrums and attention span. Where pharmaceutical drugs produce more serotonin the EFA's act similar to serotonin in the brain. With the EFA there is no side effect.  There have been many studies where children were given the EFA Omega-3 and had their attention disorder reduced. These studies were done with children with and without ADHD. Both groups had benefited from these Omega-3s, but those with ADHD had a more effective result. There is no definitive cure for ADHD but EFA's in the form of hemp oil seem to be the biggest breakthrough.