Have You Ever Experience Maui Luau?

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Luaus in Maui are one of the most popular activities for tourists. This is especially true for tourists who visit Maui for the first time. Luaus are a Hawaiian celebration offering an amazing amount of food and spectacular entertainment.

There are many to choose Luau In Lahaina Maui, each with their own advantages and interesting options.

Some of the most popular or well-known Luaus: 

The Pacific Drums

In this Luau, you will take a trip to the Polynesian islands.

You will witness dances and music that are authentic to areas such as New Zealand, Fiji, Hawaii, Tonga and Samoa. You will receive a lei shell and have a chance to enjoy the excellent food and drinks.

Wailea Sunset-Luau

The Wailea Sunset Luau offers you the breathtaking beauty of a Hawaiian. You can enjoy the beauty of Fijian dancing, Tahitian style drums, and dance Samoan fire knives.

At the beginning of the luau, you can enjoy a cocktail, until the underground oven is uncovered and the Kalua Pork is revealed. At this point, the feast will begin.

You can feast on salads, grilled fish, salad chow mein, teriyaki Charbroiled steaks, lomi lomi salmon, coconut cream pie, Guava Chiffon Cake, Banana Nut Chocolate Cake Frosting, and much more.

Royal Lahaina Luau

If you are looking for a luau in a fabulous beachfront, then you will love the Royal Lahaina Luau. sunsets of the breathtaking blue of crystal, sparkling sea and the landscaping of the Royal Lahaina Luau will offer you some of the best views on the island.

You will even have views of Lanai and Molokai in the distance. You can enjoy the dance, music and traditional activities luau. This Luau is perfect for families and even offers a kids buffet with special options for kids.